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Luna and Celestia

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Luna and Celestia

Post by Cinderwing on Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:10 pm

Name: Luna
Age: 4 years 3 months
Gender: She-wolf
Type: Black Wolf
Rank: Leader
Appearance: A black, nearly purple wolf with shining green eyes.
Accessories: A black pearl necklace with a crescent moon on the end.
Power: Rises the moon and stars at night, lowers them at Dawn. Also has darkness, telekinesis and invisibility.
Personality: Brave, confident, kind, strong, powerful, good, fast, has a sense of humour, smart, careful, fair, honest.
Skills: F, 7. H, 5. SCA, 6. SW, 7. SP, 9. STA, 9. M, 7. STE, 10. SI, 8. SCE, 9.
Family: Mo, Apple. F, King. S, Celestia. P, Dash. Ma, Jack.
Any extra: Don't mind the MLP names. I just love those names. And references. I love those sun moon powers o3o

Name: Celestia
Age: 4 years 3 moons
Gender: She-wolf
Type: Red wolf
Rank: Member
Appearance: A pale red wolf with pale blue eyes.
Accessories: A white pearl necklace with a golden Sun at the end.
Powers: Rises the Sun at Dawn and lowers it at sunset. Also has light, x-Ray vision and fire.
Personality: Brave, confident, kind, slim, hot-headed, powerful, fast, sense of humour, a thinker, smart, fair, truthful.
Skills: F, 7. H, 6. Sca, 8. Sw, 5. Sp, 9. Sta, 7. M, 8. Ste, 4. Si, 10. Sce, 8.
Family: Same as Luna. P, none. Ma, none.
Any extra: Same as Luna.

I'll be unravelling their history as RP goes Wink

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Re: Luna and Celestia

Post by Cinderwing on Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:13 pm


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