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Saxon, Dog at the lab

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Saxon, Dog at the lab

Post by Littlelily on Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:58 pm

Saxon, Male, German Shepard, 8 years old

Saxon is a brown and black German Shepard. He has white hairs all over his body and beautiful brown eyes. He has his front left leg wrapped in a bandage where he used to have Bone cancer. He has a very long tail and very fluffy fur.

Saxon is a loyal dog. He stays with his family no matter what and will care for them forever. He hates being treated without respect and was the leader of his last pack. He hated to fight but will when needed. He is trustworthy and doesn't trust many other dogs. He hates American Staffys most of all.

Saxons Skills:
Scavenging:3/10, Scent:5/10, memory 8/10, hunting, 9/10, Fighting:4/10, speed:10/10, stamina:4/10, Swimming:4/10, stealth:9/10, sight:10/10

Assesories: Sadon wears a blue collar with his name on a metal plate. Also wears a bandage around front left leg

Saxon was born to Ranger and Crystal who were the Alphas of the pack at the time. He had one sister, Freya. He lived most of his life protecting the pack, until one day, His mother and father died. He was chosen to be the next leader and he did. Soon after, he got bone cancer in his front right leg. This stopped him from running. As it got worse, a group of humans came along and took him here, where his bone cancer has been removed. He is very confused about where he is and wants to see his sister again.

Powers: can Control water.

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Re: Saxon, Dog at the lab

Post by Cinderwing on Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:02 pm


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