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Blizzard, Leader Of Dogs

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Blizzard, Leader Of Dogs

Post by CatsEye on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:05 pm

Age: 30 Moons
Animal: Dog/Husky
Appearance: A white and silver Siberian husky with sharp fangs and a beautiful pelt. Her eyes are a bright blue like most huskies, but with a tint of mint green.
Accessories: A pearl necklace draped over twice on her neck. The same type of pearl from her necklace, entwined on her tail and a silver bracelet with a sapphire inside.
Power: Controlling snow and ice alike, others may have this power, but she is more capable of doing more things with it and is more stronger.
Personality: A sassy, yet smart female dog, Blizzard can be quit enjoyable but threatening at the same time. Blizzard will mostly learn to attack and/or go right up to anyone who threatens her. She usually can get a bit energetic sometimes, but learns to behave herself. She can also be a bit bossy and proud, always bragging and wanting to be the top alpha at all times.
fighting, 10/10
hunting, 9/10
scavenging, 4/10
swimming, 4.5/10
climbing, 5/10
speed, 8/10
stamina, 7/10
memory, 3/10
stealth, 6/10
sight 6/10
scent 6/10
herbs 2/10
Mother~ Misku
Father~ Filli
Sisters~ Lola, Zulu, Snowbell, Flake
Brothers~ Snowstorm, Flurry, Clash
Mate~ Looking
Crush~ Comet and (open)
Pups~ Not yet!
History: (Will be told through out role play, might update later)
Any extra: -

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Re: Blizzard, Leader Of Dogs

Post by CatsEye on Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:05 pm


Need people to create her family, or make her crush.

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