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Hi! Welcome to Lab 356! Or, if you're back, welcome back! Hope you enjoy and explore the magical yet dangerous world of Lab 356.

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01. Lab 356 Rules

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01. Lab 356 Rules

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:35 pm

one. be nice to each other! you only get one more chance if you are caught breaking the rules, but if you were falsely accused then talk to one of us. we will listen

two. if after two weeks your application is still unfinished, it will be moved to the inactive board, along with denied applications.

three. keep the forum clean! we allow appropriate warriors insults, but please don't act like a kit. no graphic mating, kitting, or gore, and please don't talk about topics like politics and religion: no one wants to hear it here!

four. don't advertise sites here unless it is in the proper forum or you have permission from high admins.

five. we only use traditional nameshare. we would prefer unique names, but you're still free to make a fox named "storm". but it also means your naming has to make sense. pups are named within hours of their birth - before they open their eyes - so they cannot be named for eye colour.

> for three to six weeks pups just lie there and drink milk, so they cannot be named for personality traits either.

six. we don't allow anything here that isn't allowed by the forumotion terms of service. if you want to roleplay out mature content: we're completely alright with fight scenes, blood and gore (so long as you tag it!) anything remotely sexual has to be faded out. no exceptions, and no 'taking it to personal messages'. c'mon guys.

> we have no word count here on teeth lost, hearts won. we simply ask that you discuss with your rp partner an appropriate level and try to match them.

> this doesn't mean one-liners though! you're better than that. please.

seven. in order to keep the site active and running, it is required that people post regularly! although lab 356 is not a job, it would benefit the sites growth considerably by posting at least once a week per character. high-rank positions are encouraged to post up to two or three times a week. of course, it is common for your muse to vanish, and that's absolutely fine! just try to keep up with your characters.

> every month there will be an activity check to clean out old and inactive accounts in order to make room for the new!

eight. you can make pregnant dogs and pups straight off the bat, but it's better if a nursing dog is made first so you don't roleplay a runt lying there in fear without it's mother.

> some pups may die in birth, and some may be sickly or runts. it's the luck of the draw, folks!

nine. every two months in real life is two months on the site. that means your pups will be pups for one RL months (since they are "born" at 4 months old), and a young adult for a further two RL months. this is a minimum, of course: you can keep them at these ranks as long as you like. keep an eye out for announcements that let you know when to age your cats!

> young adults must be young adults for a minimum of two real life months, but it's cool if you want to keep them there for longer.

> young adults must also have at least two completed threads with their mentor, and two completed interaction threads with other characters, in order to progress to their mid life and elderly age.

> the naming ceremony can be roleplayed out if there's a lot of apprentices, or will be just assumed if it's only one moving up.

ten. i'm not going to be a huge dork and tell you to have fun, but basically this rule translates to 'if you need anything at all, ask us admins, we're here to help'. we don't bite (unless we have to) and we're always handy for name suggestions / graphics / plots or anything else you fancy.

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